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Welcome to Top 100 Medal of Honor Heroes 2 Clans

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Unforgotten Wii Soldiers
Wii Soldiers and Unforgotten Heroes have merged. Come join us now.

Rank Site In Out
26 Hunted Society
15 305
14 185
28 No Survivors [NS]
14 233
Active Clan, Trying all WIFI games old and new , Cool members, Have fun, Host tourneys, Wii points in some tourneys, Not all about winning having fun also, Come join us =D
29 Heroes of War
13 394
The Heroes of War is caln for SSBB, and MOHH2. We are the newest and freshest clan with your leaders KrazyZeldaFan & HoW-Heroes
30 Eternal Creed Alliance
13 216
ECA is the pwner MoH clan.
31 Black Magic
12 185
Welcome to Black Magic wii clan. We are here to become one of the top 100 clans So please vote for us
32 Exiled Evil
11 288
As of now we only support Metroid Prime Hunters, Medal of Honor Heroes 2 and Super Smash Brothers Brawl. We will expand into other games if we get tryouts for them.
Exiled Evil
Dare To Game
33 Critical Damage
9 228
Only the best. Our goal is to become one a big clan which is always active. Come be apart of the next big clan !
34 Shadow 5 Family
8 172
we are a elite wii clan that plays brawl,mk,mohh2,other wi fi games. We are currently recruiting
35 Critical Damage
6 177
Critical Damage only accepts the best in our clan our goal is to become a big clan with non-stop action.
36 Black Magic
5 172
We are a wii clan that is here to dominate. We are currently recruiting
37 The Last Alliance
5 285
We are a new clan that supports MoH. We support a number of other online games for the Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360.
38 7 Deadly Sins
4 197
39 Wii Soliders
4 160
A clan that loves to play wi-fi games only for the WII! we play games from GH3,SSBB,MKW,MOhh2,dragon ball z, and many more! We crush all clans and we shall never fall!
3 266
come join sof were a new clan with barely 3 members so far but we will get more so dont worry but come join us we are also gona get a ps3 division
41 Old School Originators
3 389
We are fairly new, but, we will accept any challange, just come to the site, and talk to us via the chatbox (mid page). And if you wish to join, just register with our site.
42 wii Power
2 200
Hi! We are the new and improved wP clan! Everything is the same as the other wP just better! wP is number 4 on the ranks so you know were good. Come to wP and sign up! We play moh, ssbb, mkwii, and every other wifi game!
43 Nintendo Fans
2 176
If youre looking for challenge other people in Wi-Fi games, come to the site and chat with other people about MKWII, SSBB, MSC, MOH, and COD.!
44 Impact
2 115
Outgoing members, friendly gaming community, chat system, RPG, an Arcade, with a customized Casino. A quality new good clan, that is majoring in The Conduit, Pokemon, and Smash bros. Brawl. Both games in one badass Nintendo Wii Gaming clan!
45 shaqster96
1 120
this is the ultimate haks clan, join the haackers and help us dominate!!
1 125
welcome to fated rivals wetre new so pllz join us today
47 Devils Mercenaries
1 292
Your choices are to fight or die. The decision is yours.
48 [ZeRo]
1 297
Just join..... we are also known as [C7]. we play all consoles and games.
49 Hawk Unit - Special Forces
1 166
Next Generation Forces Hawk Unit
50 blownup
1 230
We are a good clan looking for new members

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