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various brawlers
welcome to vb brand new clan

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26 Eternal Alliance
22 370
We are an All-Around Wi-Fi Clan, our main games are SSBB, MK Wii, MOHH:2, and MP:H, come check us out, because I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to GEICO!
27 Soldiers of Combat
21 124
We are looking for beast MoH players! Come to our site, and apply to join!
28 Forgotten Warriors
19 154
Forgotten Warriors we picked that special name because you WILL remember us! We play Medal Of honor heroes 2 and The conduit
29 The Superior Soldiers- Gaming Clan
19 631
We are a Medal of Honor: Heores 2 gaming clan for the Nintendo Wii. We aso are starting to play other games than just Medal of Honor: Heroes 2.. like Super Smash Bro's Brawl and Mario Kart Wii.

30 Wii Assassins
19 392
Home of the Wii Assassins. A clan dedicated to making online gaming fun and exciting. Join us today.
31 Departed Soldiers
18 184
We are here to dominate and become one of the best wii clans. We play mohh2,brawl,mk,gh3,cod5, other wi fi games.
32 True Allies
18 178
we are a new elite clan that plays brawl,mk,mohh2,other wi fi games. we are always looking for new members
33 Wii Soldiers
18 150
Our clan is looking for great players out there. Come join us now! We want to be the best clan out there.
34 Unforgotten Wii Soldiers
16 112
Wii Soldiers and Unforgotten Heroes have merged. Come join us now.
35 Smash Armada
16 404
Currently supports MoHH2 and MSC.
The site has forums, a chat box, an arcade, and more.
36 Hunted Society
15 305
37 Amazing Bible
15 84
A mega-site of Bible, Christian & religious information & studies, doctrine, news, prayer, prophecy, sermons, spiritual warfare, statistics, tools, and tracts.
38 Allied Assault
14 219
a new clan that playes every wi-fi game and some PC games. we are hungry for new members and cant wait for you to be on the squad
39 No Survivors [NS]
14 233
Active Clan, Trying all WIFI games old and new , Cool members, Have fun, Host tourneys, Wii points in some tourneys, Not all about winning having fun also, Come join us =D
40 Games for Girls,Mädchen,Filles,meninas
14 185
International free games Juegos,jeux Games for Girls, Mädchen, Filles, meninas,меню
41 Heroes of War
13 394
The Heroes of War is caln for SSBB, and MOHH2. We are the newest and freshest clan with your leaders KrazyZeldaFan & HoW-Heroes
42 Black Magic
12 185
Welcome to Black Magic wii clan. We are here to become one of the top 100 clans So please vote for us
43 Eternal Creed Alliance
12 216
ECA is the pwner MoH clan.
44 Exiled Evil
11 288
As of now we only support Metroid Prime Hunters, Medal of Honor Heroes 2 and Super Smash Brothers Brawl. We will expand into other games if we get tryouts for them.
Exiled Evil
Dare To Game
45 Critical Damage
9 228
Only the best. Our goal is to become one a big clan which is always active. Come be apart of the next big clan !
46 Amazing Bible Blog
8 26
Insightful information as it pertains to current world news and Bible prophecy!
End time events as we see being fulfilled before our very eyes!
47 Shadow 5 Family
8 172
we are a elite wii clan that plays brawl,mk,mohh2,other wi fi games. We are currently recruiting
48 wii Power
7 437
We are the new wP clan. The other one died sadly, but were back!
49 Murder One
6 108
We war in Medal of Honor in momentous occasions. Drop by our site to join/challenge us.
50 WiiDestiny
6 226
WiiDestiny One Of The Best All WiFi Games Clan.

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