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1 MMORPG warofhell game
1789 2109

MMORPG free online game warofhell.com
Select a race and start playing. Hunt monsters summon them
do alchemy forge weapons beat lords get #1 rank top spot.
build an army. beat your enemies. FREE FOREVER

2 Never Step Back
517 1380
We are a pwnsome clan for PSP Medal of Honors Heroes: 2 only, join and help us be the best!!
3 Arcadian Knights
394 1169
AK is a new growing clan that plays all wifi games. If you are looking for a fresh start or want to see what clans are all about this is your place
4 Relentless Militia
312 1286

Relentless Militia was founded in 2008. We're a great clan to be apart of. We have members that laid back and hardcore. Relentless Militia is a place for anyone. Checkout our site http://rmclan.net
5 The Art of Wii Clan Forum
299 1316
Wii would like to pwn...
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Rank Site In Out
6 Perfect Clan
278 1500
Currently retired from MoH, but we're now preparing for The Conduit
7 wii Power
269 837
Wii Power is a new and growing clan for MOH, GH3, MSC, SSBB and everyother wii wifi game. This clan is filled with elite players that are ready for a challege so come tryout.
8 Honors Wrath Clan
185 1004
HW is a clan for MOHH2, MKW, and SSBB. we are one of the coolest clans to join! JOIN NOW
9 Wii Ownage Army
174 803
The wii Ownage Army is a small clan with active members
10 Radiant Abyss
117 708
We are a decent clan that plays for fun, we are looking for more MOH players. We also support all online games.
11 Bravo Company
115 1060

A chill clan with many top players. We play many games for the Nintendo Wii. Our Teamspeak allows us to talk while playing
12 Ninja Penguins
110 868
The Ninja Penguins are a different kind of clan. We don't only except the best, we except all as long as they do one thing, respect others.
13 Wii Brothers
78 1284
We are a clan of brothers(figuratively),who help each other out. We are an active clan. We support moh, msc, DBZ, and all future Nintendo wifi games.
14 wii Dominate
78 700
Awesome clan, with a badass site, we are fun, cool, and good.... Join us, you wont regret!
15 (GSH) gamespot heroes official website
59 743

official site of gamespot heroes.
16 FireStar Clan
57 996
FireStar Clan (also known as FireStar Gaming) offers you a wide variety of feature. From Socializing to Gaming, FireStar IS the place for you! Be sure to check out our unique Badge System, and unique
17 Crazy Clan
57 572
18 United Regiment
45 729
UK Exclusive Clan. hosted at Nintendo-Play. And we arnt shotty/rocket/nade n00bs.
19 Army of Destruction
39 492
We are the army of destruction! We are a nintendo wii gaming clan. We play all wifi games! We mainly play Medal of Honor and SSBB. We come to this AD because our old site was hacked :( VOTE AD!!!!!!
20 The [FC] Clan
39 883
Join the [FC] Clan. We are a prestigious Nintendo Wi-Fi clan who takes pride in our skill. We are currently growing day by day with 8000 posts and 400 members
21 wii Ganstaz
28 532
wii r da best wii gaming clan =D
22 Elite Force of Four
28 735
23 Clan Belgium eSport Medal of Honor 2010
28 207
Belgian Clan Multigaming since 2010.
Fun team that likes to play in the right mood.
We are currently recruiting players over 18 years
24 TGN The Gamers-Nation
26 743
TGN is the ultimate gaming community.......come interact with fellow gamers and have fun.We have weekly tourneys, an arcade, tons of chat rooms and many active members. rn
25 Sons of Liberty
25 889
{SoL} is a new clan that supports all WiFi Wii games and is looking for skilled new members.

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