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Perfect Clan
Currently retired from MoH, but we're now preparing for The Conduit

Rank Site In Out
76 Kamikaze War Beasts
0 126
Unleash the Beast. Formerly known as UWS. Join us we plan on being very active. Looking for new members.
77 [T]he [C]hosen [O]nes
0 225
78 United Clan [UC]
0 217
A new clan if anyone want to join its really easy we are goin to starts with a gamer rank and from there we goin to work to the top!
79 Subspace Elitez
0 123
we are a brand new clan that will help you evolve your gaming skills
80 KWC
0 130
we are a clan for all wifi games
81 Silent Hunters
0 180
A new clan.Its going to be fun.Need meber
82 burntlightbulb
0 264
bad ass clan that dominates moh
83 super smash kings
0 114
join super smash kings we play ssbb mkwii accf and more we apriate it if u join us
84 Underground Army
0 75
This is the UA clan where we are excepting any members right now. most of us are experienced at MOHH2 but we also like to play some other games.(but still mainly MOHH2) please join.
85 Shadow Triforce Brawler
0 135
a german ssbb clan
86 Property of Blue Army [PBA]
0 142
We are a Nintendo Wii Online gaming clan just having some fun and ready to kick some ass.
87 MOH Assassins
0 393
Home base of the elite MOH Assassins. Assassins are neither good or evil. Only the best can be considered assassins...
88 SSclanUK
0 280
Come join the SSclanUK
89 Soldiers of Vengence
0 229
we own and are very skilled and will be for ssbb if u join us you will feel like your with family and our site is awsome
90 Wiicenaries
0 281
A wii-online onlie clan and community.
91 Bad Ass Clan
0 246
new clan looking for members.
92 wii power
0 205
the real ones that pwn
93 Boston Flame
0 285
We are a wii clan for hardcore gamers
we hope you join the clan
94 wii Power
0 284
Try out for the next clan that is becoming big
95 Revolutionists
0 555
"Viva La Revolucion!"
96 Wii Hunters
0 376
Wii Wi-Fi Gaming clan. #1 in the North America for MSC. We play all Wi-Fi games and we are sponsored. Check us out today! www.wiihunters.co.nr
97 Wii Troopers
0 675
Wii Troopers, the best Wii clan ever!
98 The Top Tiers
0 454
We are a very active clan getting pretty big in MoH.
99 AVA Clan
0 328
Top players On MOHH2 also top 100
100 perfect legends
0 271
a fun site with lots of games and active members. we support all types of games. wii, ds, 360, etc.

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