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Soldiers of Combat
We are looking for beast MoH players! Come to our site, and apply to join!

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Rank Site In Out
76 KWC
0 130
we are a clan for all wifi games
77 Wiicenaries
0 281
A wii-online onlie clan and community.
0 120
welcome to hero brawlers kingdom were new so help us with members so pllz join hbk
79 Bad Ass Clan
0 246
new clan looking for members.
80 perfect legends
0 271
a fun site with lots of games and active members. we support all types of games. wii, ds, 360, etc.
81 The Top Tiers
0 454
We are a very active clan getting pretty big in MoH.
82 Kamikaze War Beasts
0 126
Unleash the Beast. Formerly known as UWS. Join us we plan on being very active. Looking for new members.
83 Advanced War-Fighters
0 76
New clan; recruiting those think they can be part of a clan thats owns. Currently focused on MOHH2!
84 Eternal Creed Alliance
0 132
This is a new clan that is already active and getting members. We support mohh2, ssbb, MKwii,and future wii games. This will be the next clan that will become big.
85 Wii Hunters
0 376
Wii Wi-Fi Gaming clan. #1 in the North America for MSC. We play all Wi-Fi games and we are sponsored. Check us out today!
86 Revolutionists
0 556
"Viva La Revolucion!"
87 Wii Troopers
0 675
Wii Troopers, the best Wii clan ever!
88 The Chosen Few
0 191
We are a new brother clan to wB, we are an elite strictly MoHH2 clan for the time being. We do not support ssbb,msc,pokemon or dragonaball Z in any way shape or form.
89 MOH Assassins
0 393
Home base of the elite MOH Assassins. Assassins are neither good or evil. Only the best can be considered assassins...
90 BTK
0 98
We are a good clan no tryouts come join
91 [T]he [C]hosen [O]nes
0 225
92 eElite Gamers
0 241
Nice clan in need of members so we can hv clan wars
93 Wii Kill
0 157
wii Kill. A Gaming.
94 super smash kings
0 114
join super smash kings we play ssbb mkwii accf and more we apriate it if u join us
95 burntlightbulb
0 264
bad ass clan that dominates moh
96 wii Power
0 284
Try out for the next clan that is becoming big
97 zapper heroes
0 399
we are right now mohh2 site but will extend to mario kart and ssbb regester. we are not a collpseing clan and have 45 members as of now
98 superior soldiers ss
0 175
SS has been arround for a while now! And the fun part is that we are still active and still recruiting new members! So come and join us now!!
99 Superior Soldiers
0 118
The Superior Soldiers have been arround for quite a while now! And the best part is that we are still active and still recruiting! So come and join us :)
100 gamers creed
0 123
we are a new clan with a good lineup but small number

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